Thursday, November 20, 2008

It has been a few weeks and a lot has been going on .... Kyle is officially walking, he now uses a sippy cup (no more bottles - they are out of our house for good!), and he is cutting/has cut all 4 molars and some of his eye teeth.

Joshua is thriving in preschool and learning so much. He wants to go to school every day like his sister and his teacher says he is ready so after the holidays he will be going every day from 8am-1pm. He thinks everything is silly and funny these days .... he has also gone back to tumbling and is having a lot of fun. Since he has been going to the mall with me to shop for xmas he has seen Santa now 4x and everytime he is sure to tell him how good he has been and that he really wants the batman castle :) He has also become my little helper - he helped me today make the turkey cupcakes for his class feast tomorrow.

Hailey had a fantastic first marking period in kindergarten and is reading on her own - she is doing very well. She has started gymnastics and loves it. She walks around practicing her 'bridge' (backbend) and trying to do a handstand. She is also excited for xmas and her new baby cousins. Hailey has also joined Daisies (which is the group before Brownies in Girl Scouts) and is enjoying it so far - she keeps asking when will she sell the cookies?!

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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