Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween and some....

It has been a busy last few weeks ... Kyle had his 1 year checkup and weighed in at 24 .6 lbs (90th%) and 31 3/4 in (95th%) - he is following his big brother almost exactly!

On 10.28 Scott and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary!! He sent me 2 dozen absolutely gorgeous roses (Hailey later told me she told her dad to send me flowers :-)
On 10/30 Hailey lost her 1st tooth at her school's fall harvest, I was lucky enough to be volunteering so I was there for the 'big' moment! The tooth fairy came that night leaving her $5 and a pack of stickers. She was soo excited and just told us today that the next tooth over is loose now. Scott told her he thinks the tooth fairy always leaves more money for the 1st tooth - he got himself into this!

That same afternoon Kyle took his first real steps to one of Scott's co-workers while we were visiting Scott at his office. He took 3 good ones, paused and caught his balance and took 2 more. He took a few more on and off to the coworker but still isn't sure about it.

Josh had a western day at school on Fri - he was a cowboy (he wanted to be an Indian with a boy and arrow since he has become obsessed with guns and bows and arrows). Hailey had a parade/Halloween party that we all went to Fri afternoon. She also got her 1st report card and scored Mastery in most of the areas, we were very proud of her.
Halloween night was a beautiful fall night and the kids had so much fun - even Kyle hung with the big kids for the whole time! He even left his lion mane on the whole time. Josh was so happy with all his candy (he LOVES candy).

Today (11.1) was over 75` so we took the kids for a boat ride ... we had lunch and the kids had fun fishing as well.

Enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight!

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Erika said...

Your tooth fairy gives more than our tooth fairy! Let's hope the kids don't compare notes. I think Jacob got a silver dollar.