Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving fun and the Elves have arrived!!!!

Last week we took our yearly family photos ... the kids were so cooperative (unlike their dad who I had to bribe to go). Then we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house and my parents and Chris and Cindy joined us. The kids all like the dinner and the next day we went to Homestead to see all the Christmas decorations. We also began decorating our house and putting up the tree.

Speaking of Christmas .... Gramma & Grampa told Santa the kids would love to take care of some of his elves .... so 3 of Santa's elves arrived at our house special delivery from the North Pole!!
Hailey's elf is Cinnamon (named after her favorite beach on St John), Josh's is Jingles and Kyle's elf is McKinley (the only elf who kept his name from Santa).

The elves sleep all day and get into mischief at night while we all sleep. We have awoken to find the elves playing Candyland, having drank a whole can of soda and eaten candy. They also found their way up onto our kitchen island where they helped themselves to Thanksgiving leftovers!
One night Kyle's elf was found in the manger holding baby Jesus! All in all the kids think it is hysterical and are having so much fun with them.

We hope everyone enjoys the wonderful holiday season .... Happy December!!!

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Effie said...

kim! what a great family pic!!! love the elves story!! thanks for sharing!!