Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BIG NEWS .......

This morning at breakfast Hailey was complaining of her mouth hurting well it turns out she has her FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!!! Ok, well to us this is no big deal but this child has been waiting for this for so long! She was all smiles and just couldn't wait to call gramma and grampa and tell them!

Of course Josh decided that his bottom tooth is also loose - so he is now telling everyone (obviously it isn't).

Poor Kyle who is miserable without his Tylenol because he is cutting his 2 bottom molars just looked at Hailey and Josh today like "what is going on, why are you happy? teething hurts!"

Have a good day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some changes....

About 2 weeks ago now I took Kyle off his Prevacid completely .... he hasn't been spitting up or having any of the old symptoms so I think his reflux is finally gone!! Yeah!! He has also decided he no longer wants baby food (by grabbing it and pushing it away) so he is now eating our food. He loves pancakes, cheese quesadillas, meatballs, chicken nuggets and even just had his first meal from McD's!We also moved his carseat forward facing - he was sooo happy in it today for the first time!

Joshua is loving school and asked me this past week if he could go everyday, his teacher asked if he could come each day as well. She really enjoys having him and said he is doing awesome (still not sure if she is talking about MY Joshua :-) We are thinking about it but maybe not until after the holidays. Josh is starting to wrestle around with Kyle (who holds his own very well) and is also keeping us busy with his sense of humor.

Hailey has been helping with Kyle bc she can now pick him up and move him. She has also been playing 'school' with Josh. It is funny to hear her bc I know she is repeating things her teacher has said. The other morning we were in the office and Hailey said "mom, a fish died" and I looked at the tank quickly and said "no it didn't" bc nothing was floating. She said 'yes it did" and I said 'no hails' and tried to get them out. She said ' well then why is the one fish upside down at the bottom and not moving?? he is DEAD!" I looked again and yup she was right, so I saw Josh's face and said "Oh he is sleeping" and headed them toward the kitchen. Later Hailey asked "what did you do with the dead fish?" I was afraid where this was going so I said "well Hails I had to flush him" she responded with "oh, well you couldn't just leave a dead fish in there" and off she went!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Steps......

Kyle is now taking steps while holding onto things, he will walk along the couch or move from chair to chair. We got him a new pair of shoes and he LOVES them! He has also become very quick in getting himself up our stairs .... if he sees me and hears me say "No!" He smiles and moves even quicker! He also began his first tumbling class this week and had so much fun! He cried when we had to leave but fell asleep within a minute of getting into his carseat! I had to take him to the drs last week bc I thought he had an ear infection - turns out it was just his bottom molars starting to come in, but he did get weighed and the MOOSE weighed a whopping 23lbs, 11 oz! He isn't 11 months old yet!!

Josh continues to like school - even ran into his teacher and her children while getting his haircut last weekend. He thought it was funny to see his teacher not in school.

Hailey is enjoying school as well and now likes to carry her baby brother around bc she can!

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we stayed at our friends' beachhouse in Fenwick Island (thanks Rich & Renee!) - we had great weather and lots of fun! We did some shopping at the outlets, ate some yummy food and went swimming. We also played some miniature golf where Hailey, Scott and I all got a hole in one. Josh seemed to think the rules of the game were to hit the ball with the club, then run after the ball, pick it up with his hand and put it in the hole. Oh well... he also kept himself and everyone around us amused by being the goofball he is! The kids had fun walking on the boardwalk and beach at night with their glowsticks and they also had fun riding the boardwalk rides. They did not like the funhouse as they called it "The NOT FUN funhouse" when they came out in tears!! The did get a good laugh though when the disgusting seagull pooped on my arm! Better me than the kids!

Hope everyone had a fun and beautiful weekend!

First Day of School ....

Hailey started Kindergarten on Aug 20th at our local public school. It is directly across the street from the Chesapeake Bay! She was so excited to start school - her face was all smiles especially when she saw the bus! One of her good friends from her PreK is at her bus stop and rides the bus and another friend from her old school is in her class.

Joshua also started preschool this year. He goes to the private school where Hailey went last year. He is in uniform and to my surprise had a fabulous first day! No tears and a glowing report from his teacher that he shared, was kind and listened very well (I did ask her if this was Joshua Mattison she was talking about!) He did have some tears day 2 and 3 but after Scott left the teacher emailed us letting us know he stopped and was happily playing ... phew!

Kyle was very lonely last Monday with both his big sister and big brother gone. In the 2 seconds I left him alone playing in the family room he decided he would 'look' for them. He climbed all the stairs up to Josh's room - which is where I found him!! I couldn't believe it! I not only could believe he got up all the steps without falling but also that he didn't go down the front steps (we have a split staircase)! Needless to say the gates we never used for children #1 and #2 are up!!!

Trying something new....

Well after seeing some blogs online I decided why not try one out. Especially for those family and friends who don't live near us. I am going to try and update this once a week and you can check it out whenever you feel like it (or not!)