Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy Busy Weekend!

Last Thursday night we headed to NJ for a fun and long weekend. Hailey brought home the class bear "Benny" to spend the weekend with us ... Benny went EVERYWHERE we did! On Friday, my mom and sister and I took Hailey and Josh to NYC .... we went to Mars 2112 for dinner (took a space ship there and met aliens) and then to see The Little Mermaid on broadway. The kids had a blast and the play was amazing! (Hailey told us we had to take a cab ride for Benny - we drew the line here and just did the subway ... we were so worried about losing that darn bear! :-)

Saturday was my dad's bday so we all went out to dinner, my parents, Kari and Jon, Chris and his girlfriend Cindy, and all 5 of us, oh make that 6 bc Benny the Bear came too :-)

Sunday we had Kari's baby shower - it was fun and she got a ton of nice stuff for little baby Cooke. You guessed it Benny celebrated at the shower too!!

Yesterday I ran out of formula for Kyle and rather than wait the 2 more weeks until he is 1 I just gave him whole milk. He had no allergic reactions and devoured the whole bottle immediately (like his older sis and brother did) ... so we are officially off formula!! Yeah.... now I can't wait for 15 months so I can get rid of the bottles :)

Happy October!!!!
Hope you all have a good rest of the week and weekend!

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